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  • What Bullshit…


    This is a joke! Sounds like the US Department of Agriculture is in bed with the soda industry!

    "The decision was a victory for the soft-drink industry, which had lobbied against the proposal, and for advocates for the poor and underfed, who had argued that the government should not stigmatize them by taking away their right to shop like other consumers. The food-selling industry also contended that it would be too complicated for stores to have to program their registers differently in the city than elsewhere."

    This is garbage. Anyone on food stamps can shop like other consumers. Besides, if we are talking about underfed consumers, maybe they shouldn’t be spending their allotted money on soda?

    "The decision was the second in seven years in which the Agriculture Department rejected such a proposed ban. In 2004, it denied a request by officials in Minnesota to prevent food stamp recipients from buying junk food.

    The Agriculture Department questioned the merits of that plan, which focused on candy and soda, among other foods, and said it would “perpetuate the myth” that food stamp users made poor shopping decisions.”

    Myth? MYTH?!

    Anyone who has had a job cashiering in a grocery store knows this in not a myth. I myself have seen children come into the grocery store I work at and buy candy with food stamps. I’ve seen hundreds of dollars spent on Cheetos, Doritos, frozen French Fries, ice cream, and cheap TV Dinners.

    "Mr. Berg and other advocates for the poor and underfed said that New York City’s proposal would have had a similar effect. Instead of restricting the dietary choices of low-income residents, he said, city officials should reconsider how to increase the purchasing power of low-income residents so that they can buy food that is more nutritious.

    “If healthier food is made affordable and accessible,” he said, “low-income people will line up to get it.””

    No, no, no and no. Healthy food will not be gobbled up by low-income people just because of the price is lower! One of the main reasons the junk foods and easy, fatty meals are purchased is because they are simple! Cooking healthy food is a pain in the ass. Why spend 5 hours cooking something healthy when in 5 minutes you could have dinner ready?

    Another point to add- what about non low-income people? There are millions of Americans who certainly have the money to buy healthy food and instead they buy junk or fast food. Why? Because it’s fast, easy and simple!

    I agree that low-income people shouldn’t be treated as lesser citizens. What needs to be recognized is that a low-income person IS different than a high-income earner. They have different experiences and different woes and different needs. And the money they have for groceries come from different places. For a low-income person it is not earned. It is allotted by the government to protect them from starvation. That money certainly should be regulated by the government and restricted in which ways it can be spent. Soda and candy should not be bought with government aid! It has absolutely no nutritional value. The WIC program in my state completely restricts what the holder can buy. Some of these restrictions are too harsh. I don’t think food stamps should be completely restricted but I do believe candy and soda are a complete waste of money and should not be purchased with the money.

    Shame on the United States!!!

    (FYI: my family was on food stamps for 4 years when I was a teen, so I know what it’s like to be broke as hell. I also know how shitty it feels to have to go to food shelves. I still think soda and candy should be banned from food stamp users!)

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